Balance is Power

Wellness at your Workplace

Katie now brings directly to your workplace the tools and exercises that teach you balance in an imbalanced world.

Imbalance is one of the most common issues we face as busy Americans.


We want a lot and expect ourselves to do a lot on a time-frame that does not honor our personal needs. Similarly, in our workplaces, we want a productive, happy workplace, but we don't always do what's right for cultivating a healthy work environment!

In this day and age, many of us know that Wellness in the Workplace is both an asset to the business and that our Health Care system cuts the cost of your coverage if you offer personal wellness programming to your staff. Katie offers just this. Whether your workplace is well and wants to stay that way or it really needs an intervention, Balance is Power is a program that addresses it!

More on Imbalance, so you get the picture...


The cost of this imbalanced lifestyle can be chronic exhaustion, physical ailments, missing out on life activities that are important, lack of fulfillment, loss of identity, relationship problems and the list goes on...

The cost of an imbalanced workplace are high stress environment, using significant manpower on putting out fires, interpersonal drama, chronic burnout, high turnover, and poor productivity that stems from resentment or lack of pride in one's workplace.

Workaholism is the most obvious form of imbalance, and other activities that tend to take us out of balance include parenting, caretaking, school, anxiety/depression and other addictions.

In the workplace, Imbalance looks like understaffing, staff chronically working overtime to get things completed, a dreary or rigid environment, disconnected or overly connected staff people, and a general climate of frustration or apathy.

Balancing Work & Life class is about learning to gain awareness about where imbalances exist in our lives  and workplaces, as an interactive team. Specific class topics include:

  • Creating Healthy Boundaries for a Life of Happiness and Health

  • Mindfulness - Transform Stress into Inner Peace

  • How to Replenish Energy and Why we Feel Drained

  • Remembering our Priorities, Creating our Wellness Vision

  • The Importance of Healthy Relationships for Optimal Wellness

  • The Art of Doing Nothing

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Read what past students have to say about Balancing Work & Life:

"This class helped me bring balance back into my life. My intention for taking this class was to be able to show up and engage deeper in areas of my life outside work. Having taken this class, I can already begin to see this process unfold." 

"Going into this class, I knew I needed it. Katie has a way of inviting people in to belong; to explore what they often already know; to learn about themselves, the world and humanity in a way that's enlightening but not at all intimidating. It felt like turning on a familiar but elusive lightbulb of common sense - a perspective shift that clarified some mysteries and gave me tangible steps to keep growing."

"This class taught me a variety of practices to help me be more aware of my feelings, my boundaries and my energy. I can take better care of myself when I am working and when I am not. I really appreciate this new insight." 

"This class helped me realize how much I yearn for connection with people, and how even when I "feel" connected, I'm still imposing a distance. I've been able to better identify how I "should" myself into doing things I think will help me connect that leave me feeling inadequate and exhausted. I'm slowly letting go of some of that and refocusing on actual connections."

"This class helped me understand the importance of taking breaks to recharge my physical, mental and emotional energy so that I can be fully present for whatever I’m doing - at work, home or play."

"Katie’s Work-Life Balance class at our office was restorative, inspiring and great for team-building! "

"I’ve learned more about myself than I thought possible, and that has allowed me to improve myself in ways I didn’t know I could improve."

"Katie provided ways to relax and re-energize. She helped me to see the possibilities in myself and stop making excuses and start doing."

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