Katie has an Ever-Growing Collection of Online Classes

for you to Purchase and Study at Your Own Pace!

REALLY Making Time for Self-Care

This 90-Minute Webinar is designed for those of us who know the invaluable importance of personal self-care and want to build sustainable practices but need some support!

The Webinar Covers:

  • The Definition of Self-Care

  • The Mechanics and Psychology of how to Motivate ourselves to Engage in Self-Care Practices

  • Why Practices Don't Stick Over Time

  • How to make Self-Care more Pleasant - SO WE WANT TO KEEP DOING IT!

Katie also includes for you 4 very helpful handouts/visual aids that you can take with you to support you in cultivating strong, consistent self-care!


  • The cycle of Esteemable acts that build self-esteem and negative acts that diminish it

  • The cycle of Reactivity that keeps us stuck in inactivity and guilt/shame

  • The cycle of Integration that we follow to build and sustain healthy habits

  • Specific List of Self-Care Activities (model for you to make your own list!)

Love the Body You're In

As women, we are routinely programmed to disapprove of our bodies where they don’t fit the mold of the "attractive" body type, as media images portray. We feel bad about ourselves, we compare ourselves ruthlessly, we engage in destructive bodily habits and we might even avoid activities that would bring our bodies pleasure, like swimming, comfortable clothing and sex. 

Katie's philosophy is - our bodies are perfect. What's causing the suffering is the programming we have in our minds about what is attractive and what is not. If we can change this, we can get free from feeling preoccupied by the appearance of our bodies, and the damaging way in which we make our bodies an ornament to be looked at instead of honoring them as the magnificent systems they are. 

This class is designed to help us detox off the media images, to begin defining beauty differently – so we can ALL be included in the definition of beauty. We will learn to see our body as a system of amazing parts that do miracles for us every day. We will start treating our bodies differently and redefine the relationship we have with this body, right now, today!

This is a class for people who feel ready to learn to love their bodies now. Those who want to change their bodies in order to love them are in need of a different sort of program.

The Webinar is 120 Minutes and comes with a list of Activities we can do to re-program our Body Image ideals and get free from our painful, unrealistic body-hating programming!