Katie LOVES to teach! She can tailor talks to your needs for education and coaching on the topics of Women's Issues like Self-Esteem, Body Image and General Self-Care. She also teaches about Addiction Recovery - particularly Advanced Recovery, Self Care practices and Work/Life Balance. For examples, read and click below!


Balance is Power

(The course formerly known as Work-Life Balance!)

Is now Accessible from Any Workplace on the planet!

Healing Your Relationship with Your Body

Katie loves to deliver talks to both professionals and the general community about how to heal the body-image epidemic that exists for many of us. She has taught this Continuing Education course at Sage Recovery and Wellness, Shoal Creek Psychiatric Unit, YWCA, Austin Family Counseling and Chi Sigma Iota. These interactive lectures can be delivered in a variety of different levels of length and depth, ranging from 1 hour to a long-term series.

Love Your Body Day

Love Your Body Day is a day of nourishment for women.

To experience loving their bodies for the day and take home tools to continue the practice.


Over the course of the day you will:

Slow down and feel your body all day long

Practice Mindful Eating

Learn more forms of nourishment—Food, Touch, Connection, Movement

Take a closer look at how you relate with yourself

Discuss Body Image and the pressure we place on our appearance

Explore bringing the focus from the outside to the inside


This Event is designed for women who:

Feel depleted and want to take time to slow down

Want to practice nourishing self-care

Want to work on practicing intuitive eating and exercise

Want to heal their self-esteem and body image

What you will take away from Love Your Body Day:

Practices to help you stay mindful and fully in your body - to stay informed on what nourishment it needs.

Knowledge of the different forms of nourishment you can provide yourself.

Education and Instruction to use intuitive eating and exercise on your own.

Empowerment, education and inspiration to reframe negative body image beliefs.

An opportunity to slow down, de-stress and re-calibrate your body.

Saturday August 5th, 10am-4pm at Soma Vida!

Contact Katie below to inquire about her talks!

Katie's Office:


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Westlake HIlls, TX 78746


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