What is Coaching?


You might be asking yourself that question these days. Life Coaching is a rapidly growing field!

Coaching is different than therapy. Here's how:

  • Coaching has a beginning and an end that are agreed upon from the start.

  • Coaching is for clients who are currently in a state of stability, or currently also under the care of mental health professionals.

  • Coaching is solution and goal-oriented. It is designed to reach goals in shorter periods of time, where therapy work heals areas that require longer-term work.

  • Kate is able to relate with her Coaching clients by sharing more personal information than she can with her therapy clients.

  • Coaching is more expensive. This is for 2 reasons. First, it is more intense work concentrated into less time, for both the Coach and Client. Second, Kate is available after hours for Coaching clients to get support, where she is only available to therapy clients in case of emergencies after hours. 

  • The tone of Coaching tends to be lighter and more collaborative, whereas therapy is a more professional interaction that the therapist guides intentionally with a more careful, gentle approach.

Kate's Training

Kate was trained to be a Coach by OneTaste, in their 8th Coaching Program, which lasted 10 months, from April '15-January '16. Her training consisted of Monthly immersions in NYC, where she attended 24 hours in the classroom participating in lectures, activities, wellness practices and hands-on training. She trained alongside 135 other students from all over the world.

The OneTaste Coaching Program prepares their coaches by doing hands-on work - working through their own limitations and heal their own scars so they can teach to do the same.

Training focused heavily on Intimacy/Sexuality/Relationships, Building a Lifestyle based on Desire, Unlearning our Societal Conditioning, Organizing Events, Marketing/Sales, Coaching Tools that work to break long-standing patterns and much more.


Body Image


Work/Life Balance

Relationships, Intimacy and Sexuality

Career Development for Helping Professionals

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you feeling done with being stuck?

Is it worth the risk to reach out to see if coaching could help?

If so, contact me below to set up a time to talk one-on-one to explore the prospect of receiving Coaching!

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