Healing Austin Therapy was born in 2012, inspired by my need for work-life balance as a therapist and my need to carve my own pathway for my life. I knew since 7th grade that I would be a therapist, and began with a summer Psychology program for kids in junior high. Instead of finishing high school at my public HS in rural Ohio, I went to college starting in 10th grade, to pursue Psychology classes at the college level. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Kent State University in 2004, and my first job was in Kent's Townhall II Crisis center, born at the time of the Kent State Shooting.

In 2006, I moved to Tennessee, having hand-picked the Counseling program at East Tennessee State University for my Masters degree. Here I completed my Internship working for Child Protective Services providing intensive case management to families in crisis. I also worked as a NARHA certified Therapeutic Horseback Riding instructor for children with disabilities.

In 2009, I moved to Austin and the Addiction field chose me as the specialization in which I would be of most service. This decision also inspired me to pursue my own sobriety and recovery beginning in 2010. I worked for 2 years at Phoenix House, running an Intensive Outpatient program for adults who were on Drug Court probation. I then was hired as Lead Therapist to open Vista @ Texas Star Recovery, a small, intimate 30 day Inpatient program for addiction, where I devoted myself until 2015. 

In 2012, during my time at Vista, feeling the natural burnout that happens working in an intense workplace, I knew that my own wellness depended on pursuing work-life balance for myself. At this time, Healing Austin Therapy was created and I began slowly building Private practice therapy and Entrepreneurship. I have been very happy and thriving in this work environment ever since. 

At Healing Austin Therapy, I have continued to work with clients struggling with Addiction or in relationship with those who are addicted. In 2016, I began teaching Work-Life Balance classes to teach burned-out people how to balance self-care and other roles like work and family. 

During this period, I pursued certification as a Life Coach, completing an intensive 10-month program , which gave me tools to help clients work more quickly on their struggles, to bring about transformation more quickly than Therapy may provide. The classes that I offer take a coaching approach as opposed to a Therapy approach.

As my experience with clients in my private practice developed and my own self-care practices brought deeper awareness of my own struggles, I became interested in working with women. I discovered that negative self-talk and self-sacrificing decisions are at the heart of our most troubling issues as women. Since 2016 I have been providing a variety of classes and events for women, to offer support with developing self-care, building self-esteem, empowerment and healing body image. 

My career goal is to put together a body of information and tools for women that will effectively teach unconditional self-love and acceptance. I hope to use this to shift the female gender's insidious struggle with self-hate and self-criticism that holds us back from being the force of power, nurturing and brilliant intuition that we are designed to be. I hope to write one or more books and travel to teach women worldwide, how to love ourselves fully.

I take a direct approach with all of my clients. I am a gentle, but straightforward truth-teller. I believe in the strength and resilience we possess as women. I challenge my clients to work on themselves with bravery and determination, as I have myself.

If you are interested in working with me, I offer private Therapy, private Coaching and regular Classes. Thank you for reading. <3

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Katie's Office:


205 Wild Basin Road Suite 2B

Westlake HIlls, TX 78746


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