About Katie


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Kent State University 2004

  • Master of Arts in Counseling from East Tennessee State University 2009

  • Doctoral Candidate in Integral Transpersonal Psychology at Ubiquity University estimated graduation 2025

During this time of crisis, I and my practice are in a state of transformation. While coping with the pandemic, this is the right time for the privileged of us to face the nature and variety of inequities that persist, the emergent need for planetary repair, the fragility of life, the brokenness of our systems and the responsibility we have to each other as well as ourselves.


Although there is much despair, there is also hope through opportunity to transform, as we have seen through our ability to pivot to this new pandemic reality. But only if we do the work.

I believe in masks and staying home, taking this time to reflect, grieve and think outside the box to have our needs met in a responsible way.


I believe that the privileged of us are responsible for being in a state of transformation at this time. There is much to grieve, much to feel, much to learn, much to acknowledge and much to give back that was taken without consent.


I believe that colonialism, white supremacy, racism, sexism, xenophobia, fatphobia, ableism, ageism, healthism and many other inequities exist, and that the oppressed must be acknowledged, rather than told they just need more personal growth and development.

I believe we have the opportunity to build a culture that cares for itself through making decisions from the heart rather than based on endless growth, numbers or efficiency. I believe if a government, system or business model only works because it exploits or dehumanizes even one person, it is broken and needs to be transformed until it ceases to exploit. My goal is to run my business in a way that not only does not exploit but that works to equalize the inequities that exist.

I believe these ways in which we are broken systemically manifest as the ways we are wounded as individuals and vice versa. I am here to foster the healing of us as individuals in the microcosm of our broken culture and our sick planet. I believe we have a long process ahead of us, but from my therapy chair, I have witnessed transformation many times, therefore I believe a cultural transformation is also possible. I vow to do the work in myself and help guide and challenge my clients to do the same.

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